Anterior Segment Laser Certification Course

Sponsored by Indiana Optometric Association and Indiana Univ. School of Optometry

August 7 - 8, 2021
Atwater Eye Care Center
Bloomington, Indiana

The Indiana University School of Optometry and the Indiana Optometric Association present a 16-hour comprehensive course and examination on Anterior Segment Laser Procedures. Successful completion of the course and examination will result in the granting of a certificate of completion by IUSO. Seating is limited.

Registration and continental breakfast will be from 7 - 8 am on August 7, 2021, with the first lecture starting at 8 am. The course will conclude with a written test on August 8, 2021, from 3 - 4 pm.

Location: Atwater Eye Care Center, 744 E. Third Street, Bloomington, IN 47405

Arthur Bradley, OD
Brett King, OD
Jim Hunter, OD
Brad Sutton, OD
Neil Pence, OD
Todd Peabody, OD
Paul Walton, MD
Bill Shultz, MD

Credit Hours: 16

Laser Hands-on Workshop with Eye Models
Includes Skills Assessment
Laser Physics
Laser Tissue Interactions
Laser Safety
Gonioscopy Review
Anterior Segment Anatomy Review
Laser Instruments Review
Laser Procedures for Open Angle and Narrow Angle Glaucomas
Laser Procedures in Lens Capsule Care
Pre-Op Considerations/Post-Op Complications with Anterior Segment Laser Procedures
Compliance and Medicolegal Aspects of Laser Use

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