Find out how the AOA and its members are improving Americans' access to eye and vision care.

CDC updates COVID-19 eye protection, face mask guidance affecting optometry practices

Access the AOA HPI’s latest issue brief that details current public health guidance on eye protection, face masks and contingency planning as new SARS-CoV-2 variants begin circulating.

Air pollution implicated in AMD study as U.S. air quality declines

Scratchy, irritated eyes may be the least of concerns from poor air quality as a new study associates ambient air pollution with greater AMD risk and differences in retinal layer thickness.

Feds accelerate COVID-19 vaccination pace, AOA offers vaccinators’ webinar

U.S. health authorities spur next phase of COVID-19 vaccination rollout, dramatically expanding supply and administration sites, as optometry explores going from vaccinated to vaccinator.

Optometry, FQHCs positioned to address underserved communities’ eye care

The AOA, ACU white paper on eye health and vision care for underserved populations was the topic of discussion with the nation’s community health center representatives.

Spread Optometry's Message

Doctors of optometry provide more than two-thirds of primary eye care in the U.S. Let your community know you are trained to examine, diagnose, treat and manage ocular disorders, diseases and injuries and systemic diseases that manifest in the eye.
Doctors of optometry, staff preparing for next move in vaccine distribution

AOA and affiliates keep concerns of patients, doctors and staff as uppermost priority, as Food and Drug Administration weighs approval of first vaccines for COVID-19 in the U.S.

AOA, affiliates advocate for optometry in Phase 1 COVID-19 vaccine distribution

The AOA and state associations are working to ensure doctors of optometry will be included among initial COVID-19 vaccinations to health care workers, preserving Americans’ access to eye care.

U.S. COVID-19, influenza 'twindemic' fears valid but glimmer of hope in global reports

Experts warn of a “dark winter” ahead as COVID-19 cases mingle with seasonal influenza, prompting appeals for early vaccinations, but lessons from the Southern Hemisphere may brighten forecasts.

Innovations in gene-editing technology are coming

Get the latest updates on technology that could one day be another option for patients with inherited ocular diseases.

Do no harm: A case study on overprescribing

In its latest case study, the AOA Ethics and Values Committee discusses another thought-provoking and timely topic on overprescribing medications when they’re medically unnecessary.

APHA urges preservation of children’s access to comprehensive vision care

The public health advocate’s new policy statement, drafted with AOA input, urges greater action to bolster children’s vision care and underscores the value of comprehensive eye exams.