Clinical Eye Care

Clinical excellence is the foundation of a successful practice and a strong, vibrant profession.

Understanding Photophobia in mTBI

Photophobia is complex and experienced by approximately 50% of patients with TBI.

Reshaping care: New myopia management guidance released

Access new myopia management guidance from AOA, Johnson & Johnson Vision and other stakeholders to learn how myopia care is evolving and optometry’s role.

Pandemic pearls: The challenges of maintaining a healthy tear film

Doctors of optometry are faced with the clinical challenges of patient care as we continue to navigate pandemic life and the use of digital devices increases. Pamela A. Lowe, O.D., immediate past chair of the AOA Contact Lens and Cornea Section, offers five helpful tips to help patients alleviate ocular irritation and keep them comfortably seeing well.

Optometry, FQHCs positioned to address underserved communities’ eye care

The AOA, ACU white paper on eye health and vision care for underserved populations was the topic of discussion with the nation’s community health center representatives.

Educate Your Patients

As the nation’s primary eye health care providers, doctors of optometry must inform patients on how a comprehensive eye exam is a critical part of overall health maintenance. Use these resources to educate patients.
Doctors of optometry, staff preparing for next move in vaccine distribution

AOA and affiliates keep concerns of patients, doctors and staff as uppermost priority, as Food and Drug Administration weighs approval of first vaccines for COVID-19 in the U.S.

AOA, affiliates advocate for optometry in Phase 1 COVID-19 vaccine distribution

The AOA and state associations are working to ensure doctors of optometry will be included among initial COVID-19 vaccinations to health care workers, preserving Americans’ access to eye care.

Integrating models of diabetic eye care

Early detection and treatment can reduce risk of blindness by 95%, yet a third of people with diabetes have diabetic retinopathy. More can be done, and that’s where upstream, integrated, value-based medicine aligns doctors and plans for the benefit of their patients.

Work productivity, daily activity plummet with dry eye disease severity

Each 10-unit increase in OSDI scores reduced work productivity and activity impairment by 4%, a recent study shows.

U.S. COVID-19, influenza 'twindemic' fears valid but glimmer of hope in global reports

Experts warn of a “dark winter” ahead as COVID-19 cases mingle with seasonal influenza, prompting appeals for early vaccinations, but lessons from the Southern Hemisphere may brighten forecasts.

Innovations in gene-editing technology are coming

Get the latest updates on technology that could one day be another option for patients with inherited ocular diseases.